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I spent most of my career in the field working in the trades. Now I am working in the office in the safety & workers compensation department. In doing so I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to Nicole Corey. I’ve had more than a few questions and or issues that Nicole’s expertise and guidance have helped bring a satisfactory end too. Nicole’s made herself available anytime I’ve needed assistance, gone above and beyond for our employees, and been more than trustworthy with the confidentiality of each case and or scenario. Our field employees have requested to speak with her in confidence, with no hesitation we trust she has our, and their best interest at mind, when dealing with them, the resolutions to each issue have proved that she’s been a trustworthy valuable reliable resource, we’re lucky to have her as part of our team!

Heath Condie

Safety Administrative Assistant, Daley’s Drywall

Since working with Nicole over the last couple years our claim frequency and severity have decreased. She has helped us with first Aid injuries and a Return to Work program. These efforts have made a difference in our EMR, which saves us money. Nicole really cares about the individual employee and the Company, which gives us great peace of mind when processing claims

Liz Schooler

Contract Administration Manager, European Paving Design

Nicole has a wealth of knowledge and experience in navigating the worker’s compensation process. She’s always my first call when a potential claim arises and amazingly she’s always there to respond. Her attentiveness to and passion for the work she does makes her an invaluable member of any claim management team. Additionally, she provides a humanistic touch that guides both employer and employee through potential trying events. You’ll be happy to have her as a resource.

James Brogoitti

Health & Safety Manager

I was so thrilled when our insurance broker added the services of Nicole. She is right there at the onset of a claim and knows what to do. She can find me a clinic or get the employee released to mod duty.

She follows the claim through to its completion and makes sure that it doesn’t linger. It is so reassuring to have someone that understands it all and explain what is happening. In one case she made sure that once the contribution from another insurance company went through, that our EMR was corrected. Our EMR was reduced by 32 points over two policy periods which resulted in a premium refund of over $50,000 for the two years! So happy to have Nicole on our side.

Dayna Phillips

Vice President, Mission City Rebar, Inc.


Nicole has a deep knowledge and understanding of the rules, regulations, and intricacies of the workers compensation system.  Having her at the table to negotiate difficult cases and advocate for our customers is invaluable.  Her compassion for all parties involved is essential to moving claims forward in a positive way.  I would highly recommend Nicole Corey.

Jennifer Anderson

Partner, Bozzuto & Associates Insurance Services

Nicole does a great job in forming relationships with clients, adjusters and injured workers to be their advocate in finding the best resolution for workers compensation claims. Her passion is personal service, and it shows in the results she achieves for our clients.

Jim Untiedt, CPCU, ARM, CRIS

President, Pentarisk Insurance Services, LLC

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