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           I believe two major factors increase the time and expense of work comp claims.  They are TTD indemnity benefits and litigation.                  Our approach to making WC better is based around 5 principles that look to reduce or eliminate both TTD payments on a claim and the likelihood that an injured worker will obtain an attorney.

My services are different than that of an adjuster or the claims person working with your broker. There is no indirect or direct conflict if I am independently working for you, and that allows me to be different. I don’t have any financial motivations or professional obligations to anyone, but you. While I do support advocacy for the injured worker, this will in turn produce a better result of the claim, which will benefit you and your EMR.

5 Principles To Lead The Way




Return To Work


CWCA is for businesses that want to make workers’ compensation better. Not only for their bottom line but because they also want to make the process better for their injured worker. You don’t have to have a lot of claims, you don’t have to have a high EMR, you just need the desire to make the process better. Aside from COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION and COMPASSION, TRUST and TRANSPARENCY are a part of the process. This requires an intention and some time on your part. I ask that you be open to new ideas and be willing to consider changing the way you do things. But I promise, I will lead the way and things will not only get better, they will get easier. 

All packages include an initial 2 hour meeting to get to know you and your team, your business and your current workers compensation process. Includes a loss run analysis and WCIRB rating sheet explanation.

Peace of Mind

A part of the team when you need it! Ideal for businesses that have 3-5 claims/year. No designated WC person. Less than 50 employees.


More Details

Reporting up to one new claim per month, with an opinion regarding compensability. Review of current worker’s compensation program and recommendations. Up to 4 phone calls per month on any WC issue with email summary & follow up. 

I will be available as a free ongoing resource to your injured workers.

All Inclusive

 I am not an employee but I am a part of your team. Typically 5-15 claims per year, less than 1000 employees.


More Details

Reporting and opinion on all new claims with regular follow up on existing claims.  Quarterly claim updates and or attendance at formal claim reviews. Analysis of current work comp procedures including post accident investigation, return to work program and post claim handling with critique and assistance in implementing any changes.  EMR review and early calculations. Unlimited phone calls, or emails for WC issues with your staff. Free ongoing unlimited resource to injured workers.

CWCA offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t feel that I have earned your continued business after 3 months, I will refund your investment.

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