About CWCA

In January 2020 CA Work Comp Advocacy was created. I took a leap knowing that my individual STRENGTHS and EXPERIENCE in this industry would set me apart from the typical claim consultant.

My values include COMMUNICATION, COMPASSION, TRANSPARENCY and COLLABORATION.  I use these to change your company’s workers’ compensation culture to a more ADVOCACY-based experience for both parties.  Having had a part in thousands of claims and having built numerous relationships with businesses, I UNDERSTAND the fears and concerns of both the injured worker and the business owner. I also RELATE to the claim adjuster position, in order to work with them to get the BEST RESULT for you.

Better results are achieved with an UNDERSTANDING of the process, a return to work program and COMMUNICATION.

CHANGING your CULTURE also includes investigation after an injury. This is part of creating a safe environment for your employees. Also because documentation and a thorough POST-ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION are an extremely important approach to ELIMINATING FRAUD and claims that don’t belong in the workers compensation system.

A team approach works best. I facilitate the COLLABORATION between the employer, the employee and the claim’s adjuster to obtain the most COST EFFICIENT and EXPEDITIOUS result possible, sometimes creatively.  Regardless of your size, premium, experience or sophistication, I want the OPPORTUNITY to show you a BETTER WAY.

My Approach

Is all about TEAMWORK and COLLABORATION. I will meet with your team in order to understand your business, and YOUR CHALLENGES. I want to know how you currently handle injuries and claims. I will analyze your loss runs and explain your WCIRB rating sheet to you. Understanding your injury/claim trends as well as your current processes will help me find the opportunities for REDUCTION and/or IMPROVEMENT.

Making CHANGES THAT WORK for your organization is important to me.      I can be on-call or HANDS-ON, working directly with your team.  This includes:

  • EMR audit and early estimates
  • Safety Professional referrals
  • Workers’ Compensation Education
  • Post-Accident Investigation
  • Filing the claim with your Ins Co.
  • Medical Clinic referral
  • Injured Worker direction & follow-up
  • Claim follow-up with your Ins Co.
  • Strategy Discussion
  • Claim Reviews
  • Reserve Audits
  • Other Professional recommendations

I have RELATIONSHIPS with brokers, insurance companies, adjusters, attorneys, safety personnel and other industry PARTNERS to help.

Workers’ Compensation with Compassion.

Consider having CONCERN for the suffering or misfortune of the injured worker.                    You CAN be professional AND compassionate.

Providing a SAFE PLACE for your employees to come to work every day is compassion. Making sure they get IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION after an injury is compassion. Providing them the RESOURCES they need to successfully move through the WC system is compassion. Maintaining a CONNECTION and REASSURANCE of their VALUE after a job -related injury, is compassion.

I preach that COMPASSION will not only improve the overall outcome of the claim, but it will also benefit the RECOVERY of your employee. Being compassionate will not only help the outcome of the claim, it will help us all feel a little BETTER.

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