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*This graph shows a client’s financial results through 6/2020 after implementing a return to work program as part of their safety culture overhaul in 2018.


Regardless of whether you self-fund, pay a guaranteed cost premium or are EMR sensitive to bidding jobs, BETTER RESULTS in your Workers’ Compensation claims will impact your BOTTOM LINE!

The Workers’ Compensation claim process in California is not easy to navigate. Employers are hard wired to worry about the business, and their bottom line. This leaves the injured worker VULNERABLE and more likely to seek an attorney. 

I can HELP YOU understand how your DECISIONS IMPACT the claim, and ultimately YOUR bottom line.  After twenty years in the claim industry, you get pretty good at knowing how a claim is going to go and how it should go. I am here to tell you that a shift towards the injured worker will bring BETTER RESULTS. 

In California, LITIGATED CLAIMS COST nearly EIGHT times more than the average claim without an attorney. Furthermore, injured workers will miss THREE times the amount of days compared to a claim without an attorney (Risk & Insurance). Considering that litigation is more likely when an injured worker is missing time from work, you must prioritize RETURN TO WORK and EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY as a way to REDUCE the cost of your claims and LOWER your EMR. 

Hello, I’m Nicole Corey.

I’ve worked in the worker’s compensation industry as both an adjuster and as a claim consultant for more than 20 years. This has given me an extensive practical knowledge and understanding of the workers compensation claims’ process in California, and more importantly, a deep appreciation for the impact that claims have on a business. 

As an adjuster I became frustrated. Often, by the time the claim hit my desk it was too late. The injured worker had already litigated their claim or the employer’s action had already changed the course of a claim. In my opinion, the reason this occurred was due to both a lack of guidance and communication. 

In 2018 I went to work for an insurance broker in Silicon Valley that specialized in the Construction Industry. I learned how claims and specifically a high Experience Modification Rate (EMR) can hurt businesses.

I know that having the right strategy at the onset of an injury will help to shorten the length, lower the cost and ultimately obtain the best outcome of the claim. That means that you as a business owner, the employer, can directly impact your claims, thus improving your EMR, and by doing so reducing your insurance premium as well.


Having a knowledgeable person that can navigate the intricacies of the claim process in California helps to keep claims on track and out of litigation.

Identifying claims that require an aggressive and robust stance from the moment it is presented is integral to success. Knowing what to do at the beginning of a claim will help in a strong, well put together defense of a claim. This will put your insurance company in a much better position to defend you in court.

Practical education, compassionate advocacy, strategic guidance, procedure improvement and EMR protection cost far less than you think.

My services will easily pay for themselves by impacting just one claim. Make me a part of your team.

Injured Workers

Looking for answers?

I know feeling lost in a system when your health and livelihood are at stake is not easy. I know the system in California is confusing and convoluted.

I can help you! 

I am here to listen to your story and answer any questions about your rights.

I am not a lawyer but I can guide you through the process and help put this behind you so that you can get back to work.

Let’s Have a Conversation.

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